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News from 20.09.2019

News regarding donations, change of classes and races in the upcoming episode; new events, arena and safe areas. All this and much more in detail.

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News from 18.09.2019

Greetings dear friends! It is time to take a look on new changes.

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News from 06.08.2019

Greetings dear friends! Summer is almost over so new gaming season up ahead! Today we want to share with you some news and our progression!

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Announce from 16.06.2019

We present to your attention the announcement of a future update! This update will take effect tomorrow, after the morning restart of the server.

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Update from 20.05.2019

XDrive has been started successfully! We have reached almost 2.5k online. In nearest future we are planning to increase our ad through other resources. So we are planning on more players online and wish you more fun!

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Announce of xDrive-server

Greetings dear friends! We are planning on further development of the server but now let me present you New Episode of EndlessWar. New PvP server EndlessWar: xDrive will be available 17 may 2019 with tons of features.

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Event from 12.04.2019

Hello dear friends! New event is already live!

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Announce from 05.04.2019

Here is some of the news of the upcoming patch. Some of it is still in the develop so it might be changed in the future. Patch is going to be live around 10-13 of April.

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Update from 01.04.2019

Hello dear friends! New patch should be live by now. Make sure you updated you game client through Updater.

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Announce from 29.03.2019

Greetings dear friends! We are planning to reveal new patch on Monday's restart.

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