The RVR team of the EndlessWar project welcomes you!

Dear friends, welcome to the Endlesswar project!

In the beginning a few words about us

EndlessWar is a multiplayer RVR game. The opening of the project took place on April 28, 2018, after 6 months of open beta testing. The whole period of project development took more than 3 years. February 8, 2019 scheduled global update EndlessWar: Revolution. I’m not afraid to say that you are waiting for a completely new approach to your beloved game!

The game presents the user the opportunity to join one of 6 races of independent races and join the confrontation over the territory: castles, cities, outposts, order halls and many other strategic points on the continent. Thousands of players will come together in a bloody battle on the battlefield!

In addition to wars for territory, players can fight unique Pit Boss, participate in escorting caravans, develop an alchemy system, create a unique system of fighting, arenas, and create using customization systems to suit your needs and much more. Also, more than 70 unique professions are presented to your attention, for players with a wide variety of game styles.

Endless War is a bloody legacy of this world, which is passed down from generation to generation and gives everyone just what it deserves - be it then a victory in a fierce battle or an inglorious death...