News since 06.09.2023


Good day, dear users and players!

Today we want to share with you the news about the work done and the nearest plans.

- Added in-game guide.

It will help newcomers to the project learn the basics of the game and adapt. What he really is:

At certain stages of the game, a list of conditions will be available to you, by fulfilling which you can get useful items. Thanks to him, you will be able to understand what level, on average, your equipment should be at this stage, where to get it and how to modify it.

- Added Battle Pass.

In total, there are 2 types of battle passes - personal and factional.

The progress of a personal pass depends solely on you, and the progress of a factional pass depends on the entire faction, respectively.

You can earn points in various ways, namely:

Personal pass

     Killing a monster - 1 point
     Champion kill - 20 points
     Killing the leader of enhanced monsters - 75 points
     Killing an enemy - 50 points
     Boss kill - 250 points
     Gathering resources - 1 point
     Participation in the group arena - victory - 45 points, defeat - 20 points
     Participation in the Olympiad - victory - 20 points, defeat - 8 points
     Capturing an outpost - 120 points
     Completing an outpost mission - 25 points
     Successful catch of fish - 1 point

Fractional pass

     Capturing an outpost - 1 point
     City capture - 7 points
     Castle capture - 25 points
     Fortress capture - 10 points
     Capturing the Order Hall - 5 points
     Victory in the Battle in the desert of AB ants - 5 points
     Winning an Artifact Battle - 3 points
     Killing a legendary boss - 3 points

In a personal pass, you will have access to the Battle Pass Energy, by activating it, you will receive 2 times more points.

Energy is added automatically every Monday. Additionally, it will be possible to increase the energy time using the appropriate Certificates, which can be obtained in the game (we will talk about this in the next news).

When you activate an additional reward in a personal pass, you can pick up the reward from above and below.

When you activate an additional reward in the faction pass, you can pick up a reward above level 51 of the pass.

The reward is available 1 time per account.

- Added new items of equipment - Mortag Runes.

Runes are equipped in the slots above the medallion.

Depending on the rank of the medallion, the character will have a certain number of rune slots available:

     Expert - 2 slots
     Elite - 4 slots
     Master - 5 slots
     Grandmaster - 6 slots

Runes are divided into 4 categories: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

Each rune gives the character some kind of skill or increases its characteristics (we will talk about skills and parameters in the next news)

Rune Creation:

To create a rune, you need to collect shards corresponding to the rarity of the rune you want to create.

When you click on the create button, a random rune of this rarity will be created.

The same runes cannot be equipped.

Rune Upgrade:

To upgrade a rune, you need an Orb of Mortag and a rune shard of the appropriate rarity.

Mortag's Orb is an item that proves your strength to Lord Mortag. It is not spent when upgrading the rune.

When a rune is upgraded, its value can increase or decrease by 1.

If you have improved a rune by +5, then its value cannot decrease below +5 with further improvement.

Catacombs of Mortag:

This zone is divided into 4 ranges of levels: 60+, 70+, 80+ and 87+

Each faction will be able to get there using the Mortag Dungeon Stone, or through a teleportation device, arriving at the appropriate place on the map.

In this zone there will be monsters from which you can get rune shards.

Battle with Lord Mortag:

This event is cross-server for all factions. There will be a time on the calendar when all factions will be able to move to certain Mortag Catacombs.

They will contain monsters. From some of them, when killed, each member of the faction around the monster will drop a rune shard.

The faction that killed the last monster in the catacombs will go to battle with Lord Mortag himself.

Lord Mortag has 3 stages with his own skills and mechanics that you will have to learn to kill him.

We will write more detailed information on the catacombs, Lord Mortag and the reward from him in the following news.

- Added the ability to get your own familiar, which can be upgraded and sent on an expedition to extract resources and kill monsters.

Your familiar will stay with you forever and you can transfer it to all servers.

There are two types of familiars - fighter and herbalist, and each of them has its own abilities.

Etc Familiar pumping comes at the expense of Enhancement Points, which can be obtained throughout the entire server as a reward for logging in, a battle pass, or for participating in events.

You will also have the option to extract any familiar you have.

- The item modification window has been improved, now it is more convenient and informative, and information about the first player who sharpened the item to this level will be displayed at the bottom of it.

- The ability to view the subclasses used by the player has been added to the Alt + B profession rating.

- Now if the level of the monster is 9+ levels higher than yours, then the penalty will be 100%.

- An additional progress bar has been added to the monster treasury, which will be filled for collecting resources. Also, the required number of PvP points has been reduced to 30.

- Reduced the required number of monsters to complete Gatekeeper quests 80+ and 90+ to obtain the Seal Break Scroll in the Tomb of the Ancients.

- The reward of experience for completing the tasks of the capital has been increased up to level 75 inclusive.

- Increased the amount of experience and reward received for killing the bosses and champions of the Cursed Isle and Lizard Isle.

- Updated prices in the Overthrow Zone shop.

- In the Overthrow Zone, the number of monsters has been reduced, but the cost of drops from them has been increased.

- Prices in the exchanger at the Soul Explorer have been updated.

- Added quality designation (Low \ Top) to the description of weapons and armor

- Group Arena is now available from level 60.

Update and improvements of the "Kaynak's Treasury" event.

- In the battle for the treasures of Kainak, the capture of the central lake has been changed.

- In the battle for the treasures of Kaynak, the dynamics of the event has been updated.

Now there are more chests in which you can find the key.

Guardian access now requires 5 keys.

Reduced chest health.

Now the level of the player will be taken into account and, depending on it, the corresponding reward will be issued.

Changes in earning points:

     Successful capture of the Main Flag - 300 points
     Killing a player - 2 points
     Destroying a chest - 30 points
     Having collected a full set of keys to access the Guardian - 250 points

- Updated achievements window. Now it is more convenient and informative.

- The required level of fishing is now displayed on the map.

- The increase in rating points per character level has been updated.

- Reduced the price of Glyph of Excellence GM rank.

At the moment, work is underway to update the sieges of cities and castles, balancing professions and a new clan event, which we will tell about in the next news. Information is not final and subject to change.

Sincerely, the EndlessWar team.