News from 18.09.2019


Greetings dear friends!
It is time to take a look on new changes.

Because of the changes we are planning to start a test server in the mid of the October. It is going to be a 2 or 3 weeks of testing. First week will be usual gaming experience and last two weeks we will ad admin shop to the game. During this time we are recruiting testers for special events. This OBT server will be the main one and right before the Opening we are planning to reopen OBT just for stress test.

Now are actual changes.

- There is no Fire Lord anymore. We added Archmage instead to the Empire.
- Doomed now has almost instant spell animation. That suppose to make difference in PvP and enjoyable PvE.
- Ice Elemental. We reworked Ice Storm. Now it is AoE spell with a slow.
- Dark Lord has almost instant spell animation.
- Dark Lord has enhanced Energy Absorb. Now it is working for 3.5 secs instead of 7 and dealing damage every 0.5 instead of 1. That is letting to deal more damage and healing in shorter period.
- Sorcerer has almost instant animation of Ephyr Sphere.
- Venomant. Poison Concentration now AoE Concentrated Acid that dealing damage and debuff enemies with indispensable poison.
- Wall Archer. Heavy Arrow buff now slows you less and gives less physical power.
- Explo Sniper. Shrapnel reworked. Now this is targeted AoE spell that dealing damage and leaving area that slows.
- Doom Archer. Fight Back now is active buff with flat cooldown. Buff is for 3 seconds and if it was used when low life ( less than 50% ) 5 seconds. Buff is still providing invulnerability and increased critical chance.
- Ghost Hunter. Ghost Illusions reworked. Ghost World now allows you to enter the ghost realm and become invisible. Effect and buff overall is similar to Assassins "Shadow Play".
- Marauder. Marauder skill is reworked. Now it is active buff with flat cooldown that gives target drop every 5 secs for 15 seconds. Before you could trigger that effect only after successful robbery. Additionally marauder gain increased stats.
- Passives for killing such as Assassin, Butcher, Ghost have now works with new mechanic. You have to kill only 3 enemies to gain max level of the passive for 10 minutes. Any 3 kills will refresh this buff.
- Vampire "Victim Approach" now has 0,5 sec cast time.
- Champion. Health and CP regeneration decreased. Also the barrier works only as self cast.
- Madman survival and attack stats increased.
- Fire Knight. Earth Fire AoE and damage increased.
- Moonsword. "Moonlight shadow" gives stronger buff instead of night invisibility.
- Psycho now can use "Critical Power" on 5 stacks instead of 10!
- Bonecrasher. If you swap stances it also drop agro on the target.
- Ripper. Bug when buff uses your mana even though you have no stacks for it fixed.
- Spark. Energy Return now has 0.5 seconds cast time.

There was also big fix with all tanks. Instead of tank classes we added new one "Knight". Knight is a warrior class with heavy armor type of defense. It has good stats for movement, defense and attack. Each Knight type class have its own group buffs, mass agro (only for 5 secs) and skills for solo play.

- Empire. Paladin now is a new Knight type class in this race. All stats were re-balanced and old group buffs were removed. (Now those buffs have God's Servant). You will be able to test new features soon on OBT. We added 2 new skills. "Call to Battle" that calls allies to the battle and cleansing debuffs, increasing movement speed, resistances. Also gives immunity to control for a short period. Cooldown can't be reduced. "Sky's Protection" is a group buff that gives damage absorption (80% of incoming damage will be absorbed) as a limited amount. When limit is over buff ends.

- Radiant Elves. New Knight is "Forest Defender". It is a strong heavy damage dealer with spear. It has strong AoE abilities, new stances and group buffs. "Group Enhancement" - gives enhancement for all party members in medium radius around. Depending on battle stances the enhancement can be different. Defense stance - gives HP regeneration and damage absorption. Attack Stance - gives movement speed, attack power, cast speed and attack speed. Makes all party attacks true strike (Hits can't be evaded.)

- Dark Elves. Blood Knight now is a heavy damage dealer with greatsword. Surely all the stats were reworked. This is only Knight that keeps "Blood retention". Hold it's target for a short period. As long as you holding the target you leech HP percentage from it. You can increase range with blood enhancement. Cooldown can't be reduced. Another new ability is "Blood Blast". This ability allows you to deal AoE damage around the target, paralizes them, applies bleed and slow. Blood Knight gain a buff with increased attack speed and power. Additionally drain HP from it's target depending on current health. Blood enhancement gives more damage output in cost of your health. More health you have more damage will be added. "Demonic Power" - allows you to steal HP from targets around. More health target has more damage will be applied.(there is a limit of 10k damage per target) Blood Enhancement will apply debuff with reduced incoming healing, attack speed, cast speed to each target were hit.

- Horde. Destroyer is a new Knight of the Horde. What is interesting here is Survival Instinct now works on group. Additionally buff from "Destruction Power" has increased proc chance.

- Dwarfs. Magnetto is a new Knight. It is a heavy damage dealer with a spear. New ability "Magnetized Storme" was added instead of Dome. Magnetto creates a storm that defend all party members by not letting attacks reach its target. Additionally the storm is increasing movement speed and each attack will apply Magnetic Swirl for 3 seconds. Magnetic Swirl is a debuff from Magnetic Swirl ability - Magnetto does a spear swirl creating a storm around him that dealing damage and dazes. Additionally storm decreasing movement speed, attack speed, cast speed and drain some amount of HP from enemies.(Depending on current health).

-Artey. Crystal Guard and Thunderlord were merged. We keep lore as a Crystal Guard character. Now it is a knight with spear. Profession will keep Defense Crystal, Crystal energy and Crystal armor. For Crystal Armor were added effect that will root attackers and put them in crystal prison. Person in prison will take additional damage from hits and brake it.

All changes you can test by yourself on OBT. Also we want to point out the fact that group effects have global cooldown that wont allow you to use it again.

Changes also were made to Werewolf. Earlier we told you that we gonna rework it completely, but in the process we decided to keep it with several changes. Now it is Halfdemon and transform will be applied as a demon form. Visually this will be better with cloak, knuckles and other game effects. There is no night depending anymore and some skills were reworked.

Arthenis were also reworked. Now there is no hard combos, stats were increased, buffs were added, AoE and strong solo target skills were added.

Empire gain new profession Barbar. Light damage dealer with 2 axes or maces. Barbar has good survivability, fighting potential and some unique mechanics.

Horde gain new profession Tiran. Light damage dealer with knuckles. This profession is similar to others and has everything for all aspects of the game.

All changes you can check out during OBT.

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EndlessWar team.