Announce from 16.06.2019


Good day, dear users and players! You should definitely upgrade through the updater.

We present to your attention the announcement of a future update! This update will take effect tomorrow, after the morning restart of the server.

· Fixed bugs with the scavenger boss when he ignored the actions of the players.

· Fixed a bug with the service of sales, when already sold lots remained in the list.

· Fixed errors with crafting some parts of the sets, which required a higher level of character and skill "Expert craft".

· The archer of the moon reduced the attack bonuses from the passive skills "Tactics of ranged combat" and "Excellent tactician".

· Fixed some visual problems in the English patch.

· Also possible error fix with multiwindow and prof. package.

· Also fixed minor server errors.

· In addition to everything, an instance of the “Tomb of the Ancients” zone has been introduced into the game. In the capital of each race, an NPC Gatekeeper appeared, who will be your guide to the tomb. From him you will be able to take the quest to receive the Scroll of Destruction of the seal, which is required for each group member to enter. The quest condition is a certain amount of successful ripping of certain mobs. All quests are given randomly, according to the level. The tomb can be accessed as part of a group of at least 5 people. The strength of the monsters inside, as well as the reward will depend on the composition of the group and the number of people in it. You will get the maximum bonus to the reward if you have 2 physical supports, 2 magic supports and a tank in the group.
In addition, if the final treasure chest opens the daguer, the group will receive the full reward, but we have given this opportunity to the group leader, but keep in mind that the reward will decrease by half. There are 2 types of tombs - for groups with players of 70-79 levels and 80-87 levels, respectively.
Inside the tomb, many surprises and uncontrollable components will await you, as well as a pleasant reward. Thanks to this instance zone, all players will be able to obtain rare resources and items, albeit in small quantities.

In the future, we are planning a much greater variation in such instances zones and various events. Please do not judge us too harshly in advance, we hope for your understanding. All the shortcomings that you find, you can leave in this thread.

Sincerely, EndlessWar Team.