Announce from 05.04.2019


Hello dear friends!

Here is some of the news of the upcoming patch. Some of it is still in the develop so it might be changed in the future. Patch is going to be live around 10-13 of April.

- Event is coming. Event: You will be able to collect event budges through killing monsters, outpost sieges and daily quests. Those budges you can waste on gambling chests and magic keys.(keys will be also available through premium shop). Gambling chest can drop various of items. Element runes, Mounts, Helpers, Agations, Power stones, Enhance stones, God's Coins, Properties and Potions. Everyone should be able to get some chests easily.

- Upcoming sales during event period. 50-60% off for the almost all premium shop.
- Starting today amnesty action is taken place. Send an application via control panel to take your chances if you were banned.

- Off line trading for every one for 20 days. If you already have one it will be prolonged.

- All the control effects now have less duration. Purification cooldown is increased.

- Group and solo invulnerability buffs now have less duration.

- All mages will gain new skill. "Retreat"

- Melee attacks for light DD will be balanced.

- Power Stone disenchant will be added. Azure, Jewelers Dust, Artifact Pieces now gained from disenchanted items.

- MA relict now can be disenchanted.

- Farseer Upcoming Death reworked. It now gives invulnerability.
- Farseer Time Control now gives auto control protection.

- Bonecrasher Powerful Kick no longer pushes target. Increased damage and critical strike chance to the ability.

- Imperial Swordsman Slowing Wave reworked to Stunning Wave. Ability stun now.
- Imperial Swordsman Ripping Strike now slows target.
- Imperial Swordsman Stun no longer available. Stunning Wave and Ripping Strike gain increased power.
- Imperial Swordsman Will Enhance now gives more resistances.

- Champion Power Chargers decreased damage output.

- Some small fixes.

Planning to rebalance all archer classes individually. Also some of the buffs mechanics will be reworked.
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EndlessWar team.


Deterrence will be reworked into 6 sec duration. Can be cast thrugh any defence ability can not be interrupted.
Butcher - rotting meat will paralyze instead of fear.
Butcher - Rotting meat now actually decrease agility.
Artenis - bug with rooting yourself is fixed.