Announce from 29.03.2019


Greetings dear friends!
We are planning to reveal new patch on Monday's restart.

Race balance:
1) Weak race passives will be removed.
2) Upcoming alliances for the next period: Radiant Elves + Dwarfs. Artey + Orcs. Empire + Dark Elves.

- Increase exp and sp gain from level 75+ monsters, Elites, Squads. Approximately 2-3 times.
- Infinite outpost daily quests. The same quest 1 per day. Quests have to suits your level.
- Outpost quests now gives more gold, exp, sp. 5 times.

- You have to be level 85 to level up guild to level 6.
- Increased amount of Jewelers Dust from guild fortresses. Level 1 - 50. Level 2 - 100. Level 3 - 150.
- Increased chance to get Jewelers Dust from talisman disenchant.
- Decreased amount of resources to create amulet stones of higher tier.
- Boss respawn time changed to 8 hours + random 12.
- Increase amount of resources and gold from Elite monsters,strong Squads more then 2 times.
- Recipe search no longer require wood. Also MA grade now needs less ingot and drap.
- Option to view mounts will be added.
- New helpers will be added.
- Bug with short lags on learning skills already fixed, update your client.

Class changes.

- Vengris - Splash attacks now works properly relying on each target armor.
- Paladin - Exorcism now added damage. Increased radius.
- Paladin - Heaven Warrior increased physical defense.
- Werewolf - added new skill Charge. Allows you to dash towards an enemy from medium range.
- Mountain Warrior reworked.
- Increased base attack, critical strike power, accuracy.
- Heavy Armor skill is added.
- Stunning Hammer is fixed. Now it has cast radius.
- Defensive Stance - Increases overall defense, health and CP regen. Damage reduction is increased on medium range.
- Offensive Stance - Increases move speed, physical attack, attack speed and ability cooldown.
- Battle Horn - Now is instant cast with no action stopping. Cooldown reduced. Increased duration.
- Mountain Energy - Increased magic resistance bonus. Cycle time is reduced.
- Mountain Hammer - Now can attack multiple targets. Now it is +5 on each level. And every level is increases radius, angle and damage.
- Mountain Might - Short period self buff. increases damage, critical strike chance and power.
- Thrust - Reduced cooldown. Earthquake radius is increased.
- Also will be removed some equipment requirements on skill usage. To make gameplay comfortable.
- Bonecrasher is reworked.
- Increased base attack, critical strike power, accuracy.
- Increase radius for AoE abilities.
- Bonecrasher's Kick radius is increased.
- Battle Potion - now has instant cast. Reduced cooldown. Increased duration and added bonuses.
- Defense Stance - Reduced cooldown. Increased duration. Also provoke nearby enemies.
- Smashing Hammer - increased movement speed bonus.
- Death Grip - now is instant. Increases movement speed and physical damage.
- Armoured Orc - Increased magic resistance.
- Aggressive Behavior - now can be used on target or without it.
- Crusher - Increased critical chance and amount of enemies you can hit. Now can attack multiple targets. Now it is +5 on each level. And every level is increases radius, angle and damage.

Daily dungeon is still in the develop. Be ready for the upcoming news.

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EndlessWar team.