Event from 12.04.2019


Hello dear friends!

New event is already live!

Here is some new changes.

- Everyone should be able to connect your in game account with one on the forum via control panel. This will help you avoid forum posts moderation in future.

- Premium shop sales are added. For that moment discount works only in-game. Be careful!

- Few new costumes are added. Check them out at jeweler store.

- New alliances. Dwarfs and Empire. All other races now become for their own.

- Bugged fortification siege is reset to default.

- In-vulnerabilities and save buffs are reworked. Some of them with new mechanics some of them are have longer cooldowns.

- Some small fixes.

Upcoming changes:

- Archer class balance
- Also we have plans on cooldown changes, further buffs and effects.

Keep up with the news on forum and our discord channel.
EndlessWar team.