The RVR team of the EndlessWar project welcomes you!

Welcome to the site RVR MMORPG Endlesswar! The basis of our project lay the bold and exciting idea of the war of 6 independent races for territory and domination. The game is based on the legendary Lineage2.

Key features and benefits

  • The project is planned for a long time and constant replenishment by new players.
  • A topical client, an authoring assembly created from the ground up.
  • Our game servers are capable of withstanding thousands of online players and heavy loads. Servers are protected from DDoS attacks.
  • Six independent warring races are established, each with its own unique professions. A developed clan and kp systems, a stable economy have been created.
  • A professional, responsive support service.

What awaits players in our world EndlessWar

  • The open beta testing of the project was launched on February 3, 2018, and everyone can take part and, even before the start of the project, evaluate the world of EndlessWar with its endless exciting battles.
  • The project will start in early March 2018. The exact date will be announced in the news on our website after the beta testing.
  • Register now and get a guaranteed bonus at the start - a premium account for 1 week free of charge. This action is valid until the day the project is launched. Have time to receive your gift!

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